Corporate Law Attorney

Primarily focused on business transactions, a corporate attorney is a great asset to small and large businesses. With a background on corporate law, Richard Cunningham has an in depth knowledge on the transactions that may put your business at risk of litigation. These include contracts and negotiations, taxation laws, business structuring, buy/sell agreements, and intellectual property, among others.

Advising corporate laws to clients can vary depending on the nature of the business and their individual needs. In some cases Richard simply advises business owners or executives, or acts on behalf of the business in court or legal matters. Other times it may be to review and draft contracts, facilitate mergers, or resolve human resources issues before they reach the judicial level.  A fairly large part of being an experienced corporate lawyer is to remain well versed in laws, and therefore Richard Cunningham spends time studying laws and necessary documents to ensure that the advice he is providing is well informed and legally sound.

Some of the common corporate law services he provides include:

  • Negotiations of New & Ongoing Contracts
  • Business Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Tax Advice
  • Representation of Businesses in Disputes
  • General Business Law Advice

Business owners understand that having an experienced corporate attorney available to represent them is a necessity. Some businesses don’t seek the advice of a corporate attorney until it is too late. If your business is merging with another business, acquiring or being acquired, or bringing in a new partner, these are all opportunities to involve a corporate attorney and be sure that everything transitions according to plan. Corporate attorneys are a great asset to ensure that business transactions and communications are in great working condition.

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